With the Features Based On Real-World Use

Leveraging years of experience in managing events for customers around the world

Centralized Dashboard

A single view of all current, future and past events with access controls for different departments or individuals.

Best Practices

Follow the best practices used across the event industry to ensure your events are a success.

CRM Integration

Enable your prospects or leads to stay engaged with the rest of your existing business using our integration tools.

Utilize your existing data

Our custom product options can allow importing and configuration of events using existing data.

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Utilize your existing data

Before, During and After

Features aligned to keep attendees and sponsors engaged with the group throughout the customer experience.

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Before, During and After

Analytics Help Optimize Marketing Spend

Compare your event successes using analytics

  • Pipeline growth
  • Costs per prospect
  • Engagement of attendees
  • Ratings of sessions
  • Virtual attendance
  • Forum activity


What They Say About Us

Your customers or employees are our customers too.

Haley Hoffman

Refreshing and effective solution to on-site event management

EventVox brings a refreshing and effective solution to on-site event management, making it an indispensable tool for any event organizer aiming to enhance engagement and create lasting connections among attendees. This platform simplifies the use of on-site event management without losing important functionality or essential touch points with your attendees and sponsors.

Haley Hoffman

Senior Event Manager
Refreshing and effective solution to on-site event management
Refreshing and effective solution to on-site event management
Bob Smith

EventVox has truly transformed the way we approach events. The platform has not only simplified our event creation and management but has also elevated our engagement with attendees. The comprehensive solution and continuous community interaction have made a significant impact on our business growth.

Bob Smith

Event Manager


Follow Our Event Planning Process

Our Specialized Event Platform helps you follow our proven process to produce stellar events!

Step 1

Research and Content Planing

We help determine what content and activities most suit your goals in engaging attendees.

Step 2

Outreach and Recruitment

Use the platform to prospect attendees, arrange their travel, communicate schedules, and ensure attendance.

Step 3

Inperson Support

On-site support for events can be made available to help implement the platform in the most effective manner.

Step 4

Get Feedback and Iterate

Get actionable feedback from our platform so events can improve with each new date.


Frequently Asked Questions

Customers' common requests and questions

1. How does pricing work?

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2. How long does it take to implement?

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3. Are there demos or examples?

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  • Google Drive
  • HubSpot
  • Salesforce
  • Stripe


We Integrate with the Top Software Vendors

  • Slack
  • Snowflake
  • Brand Name
  • Tableau
Google Drive

Google Drive

Competently generate unique e-services and client-based models. Globally engage tactical niche



Competently generate unique e-services and client-based models. Globally engage tactical niche



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